Customer Showcase

Customer Showcase

We think about what you want, and we can provide more than what you need. We are the better spa supplier in China with strict quality control of Supporting Witness Test Laboratory to have TUV,ETL,SAA,CE,KC,GOST-R approvals in the main market, always launch new, fashion and beautiful hot tub models to meet the need of different customers, and enjoy good reputation for our improving quality and design from our dealers from all over the world.

hydro massage swim spa

Customer:Customer: Robert Cannell

Location:Naples , Italy

Model:Swim Spa-8098

I like swimming, and I was used to go to gym for swimming, it did help me keep health, but swim at swimming pool of gym cannot let me feel completely relax. Lucky me is that I got this swim spa, I love it deeply. When I am swimming/soaking inside, the feeling is wonderful, my body get relax thoroughly, and my mind is peaceful. It is also a good way to let our friends get together on the seaside cliff, enjoy hydro massage together, drinking, talking, the happy moments is our beautiful memory forever.

spa massage hot tub

Customer:Frazor Garv

Location:Livingston EH54 8AS UK


My work is busy, once I go back home I feel very tired, don't want to do anything, even talking, then I communicate with my family less and less day by day, actually this is not what I want. Once I bought this spa, what I worried about go away, we whole families enjoy spa massage together every night, talking, smiling, playing, doubtless the time we spend together is the most beautiful moments. My whole families like this hot tub very much. It is a worth buying spa.

Great size swim spa


Location:Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Model:T J-819

Awesome spa, great performance and dealer were more than helpful. Great size, all seats give great massages, enjoy and relax ourselves with the audio system, very comfortable. The best combination provides the best experience. I would definitely recommend this spa to friends. The surface of the spa still looks as good as it did when it was new. And I haven't had the first problem with mine and just wanted to leave this review on this fantastic Company with great products and excellent customer service.

inground hydro massage swim spa


Location:Casablanca Morocco


This is a real special gift for family, it won't cost you much space, take one, can enjoy it whenever, you can't image how fantastic. Bring it and back your surprise. After a long day hard work, when back home and sit this kind of spa, I do realize it will be mine best worthy investment.

swim spa for swimming sports

Customer:Robert Gabor

Location:Dunasziget , Hungary


This is a professional swim spa for swimming sports, which is a party swim spa suitable putting in backyard, it's feature that can be suit for large party, one side is hot tub one side is swim spa, so great enjoy it. it's really very nice, so powerfull. It's like massage, take you special feeling. Good one.

hot tub in cold winter


Location:Kibris, North Cyprus


I got this outdoor spa 3 years ago. I still remember how excited I was when I received the hot tub. I cannot imagine how can I enjoy the hot spa if without this tub in cold winter. I like to use it when the outside temperature is very low. My deepest impression is that my spa preserves the heat very well and you guess what? This saves me a lot of power, and finally saves me money.

J&J outdoor hot tub

Customer:Magnus and Michael

Location:Stockholm , Sweden


I put my spa on the hill back of my house.The spa is with teak wood cabinet, step, a pop-up 32" LCD TV. Look the picture, I took in the last summer, is very beautiful, not only my hill, but my spa too. In the heavy snow winter, I just push off the thick snow, open the cover, can go in the warm spa, use the spa. And the snow is falling, my hair become white, but below my jaw, my body is soaking in the warm spa water. If you envy me, you may buy one from J&J, the money you spend on it is totally worthy.

indoor endless pool spa

Customer:Nadine Patterson

Location:Auckland , New Zealand

Model:NP Swim Spa-8128

I want to enjoy the swimming and then would like a cozy hydrotherapy, but do not want to waste the time on the way to the natatorium and spa house. That is why we choose this spa, portative two parts, the swimming zone and Jacuzzi zone . Set the best temperature separately for swimming zone and Jacuzzi zone to meet my need best. Three powerful swim pumps make the three swim jets spout rapid water, forming ideal conditions for swimming. Just try the best to swim against the rip current, to become more vigorous and to form a better figure. Recline in the comfortable seat and let the hydrotherapy jets massage my tired muscles.

Having this spa in home, share all these benefits with my family and friends, to create lasting relationships with them.

long swim spa-8088

Customer:Oren Levi

Location:Tel Aviv Israel

Model:OL Swim Spa-8088

We purchased the long swim spa-8088 from JNJSPAS three years ago. It was worth every penny. The quality is excellent; we have not had any problems. The jets are strong and well placed. It keeps heat well and our utility bill increase with the hot tub is very reasonable. My family and I love our swim spa. An excellent values all of us. It seems like we can take a vacation any time we want on our own back patio. It is a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy family time. It truly exceeded our expectations.