Customer Showcase

Customer Showcase

We think about what you want, and we can provide more than what you need. We are the better spa supplier in China with strict quality control of Supporting Witness Test Laboratory to have TUV,ETL,SAA,CE,KC,GOST-R approvals in the main market, always launch new, fashion and beautiful hot tub models to meet the need of different customers, and enjoy good reputation for our improving quality and design from our dealers from all over the world.

spa whirlpool hot tub-8128

Customer:Mats Thunbg

Location:Gothenburg Sweden

Model:Swim Spa-8128

This JNJ Spa Company is right on. Their pricing was excellent as well as the quality of the spa I ordered. My family lives in Gothenburg , Sweden so we were concerned about ordering a spa from such a distance and sight almost unseen. But my wife and I were so happy with the delivery and the quality of our spa was definitely superb. The customer service was beyond our expectations. Excellent friendly staff! We certainly recommend this company to our friends and those on Internet looking to buy from a distance. Good honest company and really was a good experience for us. Our spa is great! We are enjoying it very much!

Swimming pool Spa-308 Hotel installation



Model:Spa-308 Hotel installation

We have a big concrete swimming pool in our family hotel. Guests always like to enjoy more in a hotel. Some of them like swimming, but some of them asking for hydro spas. Before April of 2012, we took 7 outdoor spas back from J&J in China directly, install in hotel, around the swimming, now most guests like using the spa more than the swimming. Another importance is the swimming pool is out of service, the 7 hot tubs can keep at the warm enough for guests to used in the snowing. So, we are having more guests in Winter season.

endless swimming exercise in swim spa

Customer:Mr. Jesús Moreno

Location:Barcelona, Spain

Model:Swim Spa-8088

To be successful, I must work hard from Monday to Friday, but I also enjoy my life with family. In weekend or holiday, I will drive my yacht out to sea for fishing and sunbathing, and then back my private yacht marina, to have hydro therapy massage, do endless swimming exercise, have a BBQ. I can swim in the sea, but I prefer my children and senior parents to swim in my luxurious swim. So, the swim spa is my family’s favorite place.