North America ETL Certificate

North America ETL Certificate

ETL is a U.S. electronic testing laboratory (Electrical Testing Laboratories) abbreviation. ETL is a laboratory by the U.S. inventor Thomas Edison in 1896 single-handedly created in the United States and around the world to enjoy high reputation. With UL, CSA, like, ETL according to UL standards or the American National Standards nuclear test ETL certification mark, but also at the same time in accordance with UL standards or the United States National Institute of Standards and CSA standards or testing standards issued by Canada composite certification mark. The lower right corner of the "us" that apply to the United States, the lower left of the "c" that apply to Canada, at the same time with "us" and "c" in the application of the two countries.

Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical and electrical products as long as the ETL mark on the show with this product has been achieved through universally accepted in the United States and Canada product safety standards, minimum requirements, it is tested in line with the relevant product safety standards; but also represents a production plant agreed Receive strict checks on a regular basis in order to ensure consistency of product quality, can be sold in the United States and Canada market between the two countries.

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