Green Leaf Mark

Green Leaf Mark

Environmental Certification—Intertek's Green Leaf Mark Environmental product claims are coming under scrutiny by regulators and a growing source of distrust by consumers. Coined as "Greenwashing" or "Green Sheening"—the disingenuous marketing of environmentally friendly product attributes—advocacy groups and consumers are looking for the hard proof behind environmental claims.

Recent studies show that consumers continue to support companies and brands that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and are increasingly looking for certification marks or labels on products to validate environmental credentials. What's more, manufacturers and retail brands are under greater pressure to ensure products meet standards and have accurate test and analysis data to back up their claims.

Intertek's new Green Leaf Mark is proof that a product has been independently tested and found to conform to multiple existing environmental regulations, such as RoHS laws, REACH and Eco Design requirements through one mark rather than multiple marks. The Green Leaf Mark is used on product packaging, in point of purchase displays, product advertising and literature to explain a product’s environmental credentials.

To meet growing market demands in the future, Intertek will extend the scope of the certification scheme to support manufacturer- and retailer-driven green product performance claims through the same single mark and consumer labeling system.