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indoor swim spa
Model : Indoor SPA-050
Size : 1740x900x680mm
Colour : White
Seating Capacity : 1 Person
Power Supply : 220~240V/50~60HZ/3.3KW
Shell : Acrylic
  • Acryl

  • Cover

  • Skirt-PVC


Standard Features:

1. Bathtub: 1PC
2. Pillows: 1PC
3. The shelf of the stainless steel: 1PC
4. Air jets: 12PCS
5. Water jets: Total Jets18 PCS(Big 7 PCS/ Small 11 PCS)
6. Fiber light: 35PCS(Seven kinds of color)
7. Spa light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
8. Water pipe: 1PC
9. Drainage: 1PC
10. Return ostium: 1PC
11. Whirlpool pump 1.5HP: 1PC
12. Air pump 0.7kW: 1PC
13. Ozone: 1PC
14. Heater 1.5KW: 1PC
15. Control(included FM radio): 1PC
16. Air adjust: 1PC
17. Transfer swich: 1PC
18. Cool/hot adjusting: 1PC
19. Water enter faucet: 1PC
20. Shower: 1PC
21. Speaker: 1PC
22. Railing: 1PC
23. Options- CD: 1PC

20" Container can be loaded:18 Pcs
40"HQ Container can be loaded:36Pcs
Quality: CE ISO9001

International specifications may vary; please contact your local dealer for additional information.

DISCLAIMER: Due to our continuous improvement programs, all models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product pictured may include options beyond standard equipment.

Check with your local dealer for the most current product specifications.

Types of Indoor Swimming Pools

With all the choices of swimming pools, you may find yourself stuck in indecision when it comes to selecting an indoor swim spa. Of course, you want one that is both safe and comfortable. You need one that provides a great deal of therapeutic benefits and does not have any dangers as well. Knowing the types of indoor spas available to you will help narrow down your choices to a few options.
The first type of indoor swim spa is designed for therapeutic use. These spas do not provide therapeutic benefits in and of themselves but are used for therapeutic purposes such as stretching, working out, or even for massage therapy. For therapeutic purposes, a therapist or masseuse must be present during the process. For therapeutic purposes, the spa must meet the standards required by OSHA for therapeutic use.
Therapeutic uses for indoor spas are both traditional and nontraditional. Some types of spas are designed specifically for therapeutic use. These spas help patients relax, relieve pain, and help stretch muscles. Others are designed for therapeutic purposes alone, and they may be just large enough to hold a single client.
One type of spa designed for therapeutic uses is the hydrotherapy spa. This is a spa with a well-connected water system that has a humidifier attached to the pump. This helps the water to have therapeutic benefits. The water is pumped through a low-pressure system which also has a humidifier attached to it. As the water gets wet and becomes heated, it warms the surrounding air, relieving the patient of his stress.
An artificial environment is another type of spa designed to enhance one's relaxation. Indoor spa systems now come in many different types and with many different features. Some provide temperature control, and others provide lights, music, etc. If you are looking for some relaxation without using an actual spa, then an indoor swim spa may be the right choice for you.
An indoor swim spa may also contain other relaxing elements. These may include air-conditioning, televisions, candles, or even hot tubs. A small spa designed for therapeutic purposes could have one of these added features to offer the client more comfort while still achieving therapeutic benefits. One more feature that you may see on some spas is a Jacuzzi, a popular therapeutic activity.
One of the most exciting features of spas is the possibility of sensory stimulation. For example, you can purchase a spa that contains musical speakers so that you can listen to soothing sounds while you're having fun. Other examples of sensory stimulation include scent machines, or even vibration chairs that help relax the mind and body. Some spa chairs have built-in microphones that can record your voice for relaxation purposes.
If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your indoor swim spa, it is important to make sure that it is safe. Make sure that the spa meets all standards and that you and your therapist have taken care of all issues before you get started. Also, if you want to enjoy the relaxation benefits of an indoor swim spa, it is important to ask yourself if you are willing to tolerate a few more risks to your health, or even to your fun.