Indoor Spa

indoor spa tub
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Model : Indoor SPA-062
Size : 1800x1200x680mm
Colour : White
Seating Capacity : 2 lounge 1 seat
Power Supply : 220~240V/50~60HZ/4.45KW
Shell : Acrylic
  • Acryl

  • Cover

  • Skirt-PVC


Standard Features:

1. Bathtub: 1PC
2. Pillows: 2PC
3. The shelf of the stainless steel: 1PC
4. Air jets: 12PCS
5. Water jets: Total Jets34 PCS(Big 12 PCS/Small 22 PCS)
6. Fiber light: 28 PCS(Seven kinds of color)
7. Spa light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
8. Water pipe: 1PC
9. Drainage: 1PC
10. Return ostium: 2PCs
11. Whirlpool pump 1.5HP: 2PCS
12. Air pump 0.7kW: 1PC
13. Ozone: 1PC
14. Heater 1.5KW: 1PC
15. Control(included FM radio): 1PC
16. Air adjust: 2PCS
17. Transfer swich: 1PC
18. Cool/hot adjusting: 1PC
19. Water enter faucet: 1PC
20. Shower: 1PC
21. Speaker : 1PC
22. Marble: 3PCS
23. Options- CD: 1PC

20" Container can be loaded: 12 Pcs
40"HQ Container can be loaded: 27 Pcs
Quality: CE ISO9001

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