Swim Spa

Spa-8178 from JNJSPAS, is a brand-new swim spa, is an unparalleled spa with inimitable designs. It combines a endless swim pool in 58.3 inches depth and a luxurioushot tub with a 32” LCD TV, DVD, pop-up speakers stereo entertainment system, for 6 persons capacity.

In the swimming pool, it’s equipped with 3 pieces of professional and powerful, one pump one jet. These jets can adjust the strength of water and direction of water-flow as per to the different needs of different swimmers, like a stronger adult or a child. The depth of acrylic swim pool is disadvantage for other manufacturer, but J&J Spa own this technology to overcome this, we can offer a acrylic swim spa 1480mm(58.3”) deep, 1580mm high(62.2”), that will better for any strong adult swimmer.

How to joint a 62.2” height swim spa and a 38.6” height hot tub into one formed unit? This is owing to our vagarious design and our outstanding technology and experience. We make the swim pool and hot tub in different level, height. On the height fall, the separate wall is the best location to install the 32” LCD TV for the hot tub. How to keep the heat energy in this step shape swim spa? We make a special heat preservation cover to for this different level swimming pool. So, it’s unnecessary to worry about the cost, not only buying, but also using and maintaining a luxurious swim spa like this, it won’t cost you much.

endless swimming spa pool
swim spa pool
Model : Swim SPA-8178
Size : 7500x2200x1420/1540mm
Colour : White
Seating Capacity : 7 Person
Power Supply : 220~240V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Shell : Acrylic
  • Acryl

  • Cover

  • Skirt-PVC


Standard Features:


1. Temperature

15°C ~ 42°C

2. Steel frame


3. Pop-up Head rest


4. Air jets


5. Water jets

Total Jets120 (Hydro therapy 23/Water 97)

6. LED light

1PC (Seven kinds of color)

7. Fiber optic light

46PCS (Seven kinds of color)

8. Mushroom waterfalls


9. Drain valve


10. Intake valve


11. Hydro massage pump 3HP


12. Hydro massage pump 2HP


13. View pump 1HP


14. Circulation pump 1HP


15. Air blower 0.7kW


16. Ozonator


17. Heater 3KW


18. Cartridge Filter


19. Control(included FM radio/ preset heater,and display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control/ Circumscribe the device of CD)


20. Ice Bucket


21. TV 32"(Built-in)


22. TV controller


23. DVD


24. Topside Music


25. Speaker


26. Aromatherapy


27. Diverter Valves

3 x 2" Comfort Diverter Valves

28. Air Control Valves

6 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi


1. Temperature

15°C ~ 30°C

2. Steel frame


3. Swim jets 9.5"

3 (one pump one jets)

4. Recreational arm-rest

3 (Seven kinds of color)

5. LED light

1 (Seven kinds of color)

6. Fiber optic light

96PCS (Seven kinds of color)

7. Drain valve


8. Intake valve


9. Swim pump 3HP


10. Circulation pump 1HP


11. Ozonator


12. Heater 3KW


13. Cartridge Filter


14. Control (Preset heater, display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control)


15. Air Control Valves

3 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

16. Aromatherapy


17. Roman fountain jets

4PCS (Seven kinds of color)

18. Roman fountain valve


19. PVC cabinet


20. Insulation


21. Heavy duty spa cover


22. PVC step



1. Bar + Stool Package: 1PC

20" Container can be loaded:
40"HQ Container can be loaded: 2
Quality: CE ISO9001:2008

Type Specification(mm) Volume(m3) G.K.(kg)
Bathtub 7550×2320×1500 26 1800

International specifications may vary; please contact your local dealer for additional information.

DISCLAIMER: Due to our continuous improvement programs, all models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product pictured may include options beyond standard equipment.

Check with your local dealer for the most current product specifications.

How to Design a Swimming Pool Spa - A Guide

If you are searching for a new swim spa 8178 and endless swim spa, you have two choices: to purchase a pre-made unit, or to build your own. Both methods will offer benefits, but the option that is the most cost effective and practical is to buy a pre-made unit.

Building a swim spa 8178 is often the first choice because it is much simpler than purchasing one. All of the parts required for building a swim spa 8178 are available at local hardware stores, and there are many plans available online to help you out. Once you have purchased the parts, it is time to get started.
The first step is to set the water temperatures and heat ranges. This is an important consideration because the water must be heated or it will not be suitable for use in the spa. It is always better to set the temperature of the water for the entire room before using it in the spa. In addition, you may need to adjust the water pressure as well.
The water temperature can be adjusted by adding water to a heat exchanger, or by using a combination of a tank and a heated humidifier. You can also adjust the temperature by adjusting the size of the pool, which affects the amount of sunlight and the amount of heat the water absorbs. By changing the size of the pool, you can change the temperature and therefore the effect it has on the water.
Next, you will need to determine the water pressure. When the spa is constructed, you will need to attach a device to the spa's outlet that controls the pressure of the water. If you do not have access to such a device, you will need to provide water pressure with a pump. The pump can be installed in the air, the floor, or in the walls of the spa.
Once you have set the initial setting, you can start thinking about the accessories that will make the spa a personal oasis. The items you will need include: an air pump, a swim spa 8178 system, lighting, a canopy, shower curtains, a faucet, a water filter, an ionizer, and a spa pump. The air pump, which has a ball-valve-valve system, can be turned on and off to ensure the proper amount of air flow through the spa. This water pressure regulator can also be used to regulate the flow of water from the spa system. Some of the spa systems also have a water separator.
Bottom lighting is another great accessory, and it is easy to install because all it takes is a simple snap-fit of a clear cover over the spa. There are two types of lighting: low-voltage, low-energy (LVMLO), and high-voltage, high-energy (HVLO).
When you are considering the overall design, consider the colors that will best suit your surroundings. A swimming pool that is too dark is not a good match for your deck or backyard. Also, when selecting the pool cover, make sure that it will allow the sun to pass through and keep it looking good. In addition, the cover should be sturdy and absorb the rain without becoming dirty.
The lighting, if properly selected, will enhance the overall design. The lights will add both depth and ambiance to the swimming pool, depending on the settings that are chosen. You can choose lights that are either low-power or high-powered.
In addition to the general decorating, consider getting the best shower curtains that will not fade over time, or that can be cleaned without damaging the carpeting. You should also consider having the curtains hemmed to be decorative rather than practical.
Finally, the area should be designed to offer a private oasis that also offers relaxation. The floors should be soft enough to be walked on, and the carpet should be clean and not be an eyesore. Avoid wall to wall carpeting because it will only draw attention to the rest of the room, and will also add to the look of the room if it is displayed in the wrong way.