JNJ Spas as a High-Tech Enterprise, intelligent and technological spas will be continuously developed to give back to our society, and even disabled users can use smart spa products. JNJ Spas have the honour to win "The Governor of Cup", CF, Industrial Design Award and Kapok Design Award. JNJ Spas will be a technology-intensive enterprise and become the intelligent, energy-saving, environmental protection, health, science and technology of outdoor spas and swim spas manufacturing enterprise.

JNJ Spas research and development of revolutionary propeller swim spas can achieve competitive level and can accelerate rehabilitation propeller swim spas, the company product design level to a higher platform and more product technology content. And JNJ Spas also with honour deisgn the series of Well-Being, Barrier-Free Spas, The Mechanism of Seat Riser and Underwater treadmill.