Korea KC Certificate


Korean EMC Certification Agency Service (Expansion of regulation coverage)To ship electronic and electrical appliances to Korea, it was conventionally required to clear Radio Law (KCmark) for ITE appliances and wireless equipment and Electrical Appliances Safety Law (eK mark) for home electric appliances. But since January 24, 2011, the two laws have been unified to KC mark and the regulation coverage was expanded to medical /industrial equipment, in-vehicle equipment, measuring instruments, etc. which will be compulsory regulation from July 1, 2011. Also, MIC/KCC/eK mark certified products need to be changed to KC mark for the sales after July 1, 2011.

Our laboratory provide the services from application to certification acquisition by doing the procedure for the HCT witness test for large-size equipment at our facility and the test at HCT facility in tie-up with HCT Co.(HYUNDAI Calibration & Certification Technologies Co., Ltd.) which is the RRA authorized test body in Korea.

1. Revised EMC Regulations: KC mark (Rubricated parts are the equipment for expanded coverage)

(1) Certification Registration:

a) Certification registration for test at specified test facility: IT equipment such as PC/Server,home electrical appliances such as air conditioner/TV, medical treatment/industrial equipment,in-vehicle equipment, etc.Large-size equipment will be tested at our laboratory which is tied up with HCT as specified test facility and will be applied and registered to RRC through HCT.Small-size equipment and the products subject to safety test will be sent to HCT for the test and we will support from the application to registration.ITE equipment need to qualify EMI test: KN22 (=CISPR22; 2005) and Immunity test: KN24(=CISPR24; 1997). *Currently, there is no requirement for Conduction noise test of communication port and Emission noise test of over 1GHz.

b) Certification registration for client’s own test: Measuring equipment such as oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, plant facility for production, computers, etc.The application and registration will be made to RRA by using the manufacturer’s own test results.Our laboratory provides agency service for the test and application as the third-party test body.

(2) Compliance Certification: Cellular phone, radio and communication terminal, etc.

The equipment will be tested for performance/SAR/EMC at the specified test facility (HCT) and the test results will be examined and certified by RRA.Our laboratory will support from the test at HCT to application/registration.